Doug: Do you do traditional painting?
Thu Apr 16 08:58:15 2015
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Joseph Geddie: Hello Doug, thanks for your interest. I do not deal with oil paints as it gets rather expensive. I do however paint Digitally.
Thu Apr 16 19:30:42 2015
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Doug: OK thanks!
Fri Apr 17 11:49:23 2015

A: Since I was about three.


A: A normal size (9 x 12) would depend on the amount of people. The least (9 x 12 / 20-30 hours) at the most (18 x 24 / 60+ hours). Please order ahead! (months in advance would be good.) I would average about 3 weeks at the least and a month or more for the larger drawings. I want to give you as much detail as I possibly can. Drawing takes a ton of time especially the kind I am doing. The fastest I could get a drawing out to you such as the (9 x 12) would be at least 3 weeks, but if I have more time I can do a better job.


A: I have added a pricing chart to the site click here. The size, paper, amount of time all affect that. Please contact me

for a quote on any job.




A: Yes I do pastel, oil, and colored pencil. I prefer graphite most of all, I will only do work for customers in graphite and occasionally colored pencil.


A: Yes, by request I can do that.


A: No, currently I plan to build a reputation within the U.S. I only mail to the United States.


A: It is an abbreviation for "Work In Progress"


A: I currently draw people, animals, characters, and still life. I rarely draw in color, for some reason I just like black and white. All drawings that I do are done in graphite or color pencil/pastel.


A: If you would like you may submit a picture to my email (located at the top of any page as a mail button) or host it on a web server (FTP EX.) until I can download it. (For Local) I work in Eclectic at Ingram's Market Place on (Tues, Thurs, & Fri) from 6 AM - 2 PM. If you can catch me within those hours you can give me a photo or photos then. Photos will be kept in mint condition and will be returned in the condition they were issued to me. I will put the pics in a ziploc bag to protect them.


A: I will generally notify you when I am done with a drawing in generally 2-3 weeks. I also provide WIPs by mail if you use the internet and have an email address. For online (Distant) mail orders: I ship via USPS and Reinforce the package to protect the work and phtos (if any). I will offer you many sample previews by email as I draw the portrait. These images will have sample written across them and will be at a low resolution and dpi. If you are satisfied with the end result you can pay the other 50% (See What About Payments? Question Below:) by Paypal Only! Once your Full Payment is recieved your portrait and belongings (if any) will ship. Locally: If you live around the Eclectic area I can deliver your order, or you can pick it up on a (Tues Wed or Fri when I work at Ingram's Marketplace) or call/email (See Aboutme Section) to schedule a meeting at your convenience. All pictures and belongings will be included in the package if it is mailed or delivered locally as well.


(I will include shipping insurance information soon)



A: 50% of the payment is due before a drawing will commence. (I accept Cash or Check by exchange or mail locally) you can email me for address info. I Only Accept Paypal for distant orders! I also accept Paypal for local mail orders.


Full Amount must be payed before a drawing is mailed!